An Excursion To The Cool Waters of St Anthony Falls

St Anthony Falls is located in Indang Cavite. The area is not yet fully developed, but tourists from Manila often visit it. For weekend getaways and stress-free excursions. Perfect place for nature-lover and wanted to have a short vacation.

Indang Cavite

Indang is one of the eight towns of Cavite to produce coffee. That’s right! Indang is a region in the Philippines that produces delicious, aromatic, and delicious coffee beans for all to enjoy! Aside from it being a place for those who want a quick escape and have a stress-free nature surrounding, Indang is also just perfect for those looking to explore the untouched beauty of nature.

The beauty of St Anthony Falls

The falls have three shallow steps. And the ground falls are just a little bit deep where you can jump. The place is quite forested and enchanting at first glance. You can rent some cottages to make shelters for belongings. No electricity yet, so no overnight stay.

Useful tips and Information about St Anthony Falls

Even though the area is quite near Manila, you will get the feeling of being far from civilization. You will be surprised by the cool waters of St. Anthony Falls. Staring at the beautifully designed and layered falls is an unforgettable sight. If you are a water lover, then this is the perfect destination for you. It’s a perfect combination of your outdoor adventure and vacation.

Matanda – P30
Bata – P20
Cottage – P300

Ride a jeep going to Alfonso or tricycle from Indang Plaza to Tambo Malaki, Saint Anthony Chapel ( 5-10 mins only). When you arrived at the chapel, walk directly at the chapel’s back, go down, and follow the rough road. It’s easy to get to Saint Anthony Falls.


If you travel to and from Manila, you have to visit one of the most spectacular falls in Cavite. And if you don’t have much time to travel there, then a day trip to Indang Cavite and St. Anthony Falls is the best option for you. And to guarantee yourself a great trip, you should enjoy the majestic sights and take photos with your family and friends.

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