Parola Park: A Historic Watchtower In Sablayan

Parola Park is also known as Presing Park. It is a historic watchtower in the town of Sablayan, in Occidental Mindoro. It was used as a lookout post for pirates and Moro raids. Today, it stands as a monument to the courage and determination of the citizen-soldiers who defended Sablayan during the Moro raids, with the first line of defense against the Moro pirates.

A History of Parola Park

As you walk through Parola Park, you’ll be witness to the bravery of the Sablayenos who fought off Moro pirates in the 1700s. There’s a century-old canon and a light beacon that both date back to this history. Today, you’ll find the lighthouse and an old cannon there. And this all happened because of a bunch of round-the-clock watchers and defenders stationed there, signaling or warning the people to hide while sending volleys of cannon.

Imagine you are back in the time of the Revolutionary War, and you are stationed at a lighthouse to signal incoming ships.

What to do at Parola Park

Admire the beautiful verdant surroundings, once guarded by courageous Sablayenos soldiers who fought for the freedom of their town. Go up the refurbished watchtower. It offers great panoramic views of the beautiful view of the town. With the Sablayan 3 in 1 adventure, you can enjoy adventure via rappelling, wall climbing, and ziplining- which is the longest island to island zip line! It’s the first inter-island zipline, and a motorized pulley powers it. You’ve got to see the sunset from the park – it’s seriously the most beautiful view in town.

How to get there

You can reach Parola Park easily by taking a private vehicle. You can use Google Maps. It’s an almost 2hours travel time if you’re coming from San Jose or Mamburao.

Entrance Fee- Php. 10.00
Urban Guide (optional) – Fee- Php. 1,000/day/group

Hotline: 0998 546 5917/0995 812 6902
Landline: (043) 458 0028
Email: [email protected]


Taking a step back from history, one can glimpse what life was like during the Moro era in the Philippines. Touring these places and sites around Sablayan that date back to the late 1700s provides an interesting glimpse into the city’s history and maybe even better answers to some of the mysteries that remain today.

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