Anilao Eco Village: Oriental Mindoro’s Sustainable Tourism

Anilao Eco Village is an eco-friendly tourism program initiated by Atty. Reynaldo Umali. It’s an excellent way to adapt the community’s economy to tourism while preserving the environment. With a tree-filled Mangrove Reserve Forest Area and a perfect getaway near the beach, this is an excellent spot for those looking for some fresh air.

Anilao Eco Village

Once you walk in, your eyes will feast on beautiful conservation and the fresh outdoor ambiance. They have unique cottages that fit any occasion, beautiful gardens perfect for garden weddings and pre-nuptial pictorials, and astonishing landscapes. You can bird-watch right from the deck! Whether you’re a guest or traveler, this is the perfect opportunity to have a short walk while taking in the beauty of nature. The Eco Village is a model for sustainable living. It has one single unit, one family-sized house, and one dormitory. It also allows for additional income from rentals, homestays, and fisher hatchery.

The Benefits of Eco-Tourism

Anilao Eco Village prides itself on its conservation of the surrounding environment through its sustainable tourism program. Law protects the area and prohibiting visitors from cutting, dismantling, and processing any natural resources. In addition to initiative, they were improving the park where the owner in the garden planted mangrove trees to ensure its growth.

The Mangrove Reserve Forest Area

It is composed of Mangrove forests. Another notable aspect of this place is its variety of flora and fauna. Mangroves and water plants are its main attraction. You’ll get the best view of the mangrove leaves when the tide is high. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see juveniles of different fish species!

The Beachfront in Anilao Eco Village

The beachfront will bring you to your beachfront paradise. You’ll also find that the place is protected and well maintained. There’s no pool construction yet, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the sea! There’s fine gray sand and seawater here for your enjoyment.


Tourism helps developing communities in other ways aside from just finding jobs and supporting the economy. I hope the next time you’re planning a trip, you’ll consider adding some of these destinations to your list.

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