Buktot Beach In Mansalay: The Secluded Paradise In Oriental Mindoro

Buktot Beach in Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro is the secluded paradise you’ve been looking for all this time. Located in the southern part of Oriental Mindoro, this place is just a 30-minute ride from the capital town of Roxas. With its natural, untouched beauty, it is a haven for those who love the ocean, solitude, and the outdoors.

Introducing Buktot Beach

Puerto Galera is the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Mindoro. But it’s not the only beach worth visiting! There are tons of amazing beaches in Oriental Mindoro, waiting for you to explore! One of the beaches in Mindoro is called Buktot. It’s a beautiful beach that’s located in the southern part of the island, and it’s perfect for relaxing!

Buktot Beach's natural beauty

I was so amazed by the clear water, the white sand, and the beautiful rock formations at Buktot Beach. It’s definitely a picturesque spot for photography, and you’ll be glad you set foot on it!

How to get to Buktot Beach

There is no direct transportation going to the beach unless you go there by private vehicle. It’s a narrow and rough road, but it’s worth it. Along the way, you’ll see a small community and at the end of the road is the Buktot Beach. If you’re going to the beach, just go to Mansalay town proper first and then take a tricycle from there.

What you can do at Buktot Beach

This is the perfect place for your next adventure! An entrance fee of 10 pesos per head is collected by a caretaker upon entering the place. Rent an open hut for 100 pesos and be mindful of the small trees with thorny branches. The beach is the perfect place for anyone looking for a breathtaking view. You’ll see beautiful rock formations, turquoise waters, and wide skies. There are no restaurants or stores nearby so I advise you to carry your food with you before going to the beach.


Buktot beach might be one of the least expensive, but it is also one of the most beautiful hidden gems on the island. We all had a great time at Buktot beach, and I was so sad to leave it behind. The sun would set beyond the mountains, but I am sure one could observe a beautiful sunrise at this beach due to its unique location.

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