Discovering the Abandoned Castle: A Fantasy World in Batangas

The Fantasy World theme park in Batangas is the Disneyland of the Philippines! Despite some controversy, this medieval theme park attracts more and more tourists with its beautiful architecture and stunning rides.

Development and Controversy about Fantansy World

A theme park so close to Manila! That’s right, and Fantasy World is just a four-hour drive away from the city. It was once owned by a businessman who was forced to leave it unfinished due to financial problems.

The Fantasy World Theme Park

The park has so much to offer for the whole family. There’s a medieval-themed castle, rides, condotels, and even tree houses connected by a hanging bridge. Plus, there’s a tower where you can feel like Rapunzel. Visitors to the castle can enjoy the sights of rides, tree houses, and other attractions that will make you feel like a kid again. It turns out that Fantasy World in the Philippines wasn’t just a product of our imagination. It was supposed to be the grandest theme park in the country, but construction was never completed, and it remained a fantasy.

The Fantasy World Theme Park's Interior

I only got a few pictures inside Fantasy World. Inside the theme park, you can explore the whole castle! Some rooms are empty, but there’s still so much to see.

Fantasy World's Rides

All the rides in Fantasy World were unfinished and not operational!


You might not expect much from the inside, but Fantasy World’s exterior is a sight to behold! It is the perfect place for photographers, people who want to pretend they’re royalty for a day, and pre-nuptial shoots. You can also come here if you want to take a break from the hectic city life.

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