A View of Cagayan De Oro City at Night From High Ridge

The newest destination to the Upper Macasandig area is High Ridge. The calm, high-quality environment will give you peace of mind when you’re looking for a break from the stress of city life. It’s perfect for spending quality time with family and friends in your Cagayan De Oro trip. They have a menu with healthy food, it’s not expensive, and it tastes great!

A view of Cagayan De Oro City from High Ridge

From the High Ridge, you can see the beautiful skyline of the city. The most spectacular view in Cagayan de Oro is found at this restaurant. Not only do you enjoy the food for late night eats, but you can watch the city below as well.

We enjoy these moments having a group picture with colleagues.

A look at the menu of High Ridge

There are meals to choose from and to enjoy. If you want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, then an outside restaurant is perfect for you. They have a superb dish that will give you an all-around great meal. The owners ensure that the staff is pleasant and that the service is at its best. Here are the menus:

What you can expect at High Ridge

Aside from the open-air, which serves as the view deck of the restaurant, and the middle part of the restaurant, which is covered, their interiors are great. Restaurants feature old photos and pieces of stuff.


With the new place that I’ve covered today, you can feel confident that you will enjoy your stay there with time. So let’s go one by one. Here’s to a better future!

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