Palm Garden Beach Resort Review: The Calm, Quiet Beach Getaway

Palm Garden Beach Resort brown sand shoreline, curling waves, soothing sun, and thriving beach life—these are the things you will see on the shores of this beautiful beach getaway.

What to expect in Palm Garden Beach Resort

Palm Garden is set on property complete with an inviting lobby, one swimming pool, a Round Pavilion, a landscaped gardens, several cottages. Air-conditioned rooms perfect setup for families with multiple children. The entire resort is set up for families.


Windy, cloudy, rainy, or sunny—there is no difference when it comes to the weather in Palm Garden Beach Resort. It is an almost 2-hours ride from Roxas City Airport, and it does not matter the time of the day. It will always be perfect for enjoying your stay. Beach Resort offers excellent service. There are several staff members you can depend on for assistance, and these staff members are always ready to attend to any service request.

The Beach

Brown sand shoreline, curling waves, soothing sun, and thriving beach life—these are the things you will see on the shores of this beautiful beach getaway. What’s most striking about Palm Garden is its sheer natural beauty. A peaceful beach resort, a place for those seeking a quiet beach getaway. And if you’re ready to laze around all day, as well as experience the daily activities like beach walking during low tide and swimming, you will have plenty of opportunities to do so.

The Resort

The Resort boasts a wide array of accommodations to suit the need of the time. It caters to all the needs of travelers. The rooms and beachfront available here are all accommodating and full of old-world charm. The rooms are Traveler Palm, Champagne Palm, Red Palm, Royal Palm, housed in a beach style and an island touch. The rooms and the beachfront available here are enough for travelers with modern additions and smooth air conditioning.

What I loved about Palm Garden Beach Resort

Palm Garden, which is just a delightful beach converted into a resort, is located in Barangay Barosobos. You can explore the rest of the resort by roaming around the resort or walking on the shoreline. I loved how the resort has been transformed from a simple beach to a nice getaway place. The staff here are amiable and accommodating.

The not so good in Palm Garden Beach Resort

With a one-night stay, you’d feel the one-stop destination would be as ideal as the place to get away from the office or spend some quality time with family or friends. Comfort is the keyword since the resort offers exquisite rooms with all the comforts of home in a cozy environment. An evening chill with friends on the beach is a must. Also, why not walking on the beach as early as 5 am? You can also explore some marine life exposed on the low tide.


It is not very difficult for a person to come up with a perfect place to spend a holiday. However, it is tough to decide where to go, when, and with whom. In our quest to satisfy my readers’ needs, I have spent time coming up with this article. I hope that you will use this article to help your decision. I appreciate your patience!

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