Love Hidden Farm in Central: A Balinese-inspired

Introduction to Love Hidden Farm

Love Hidden Farm in Central is a family-owned organic farm hidden in the mountains of Occidental Mindoro, known for its Balinese-inspired architecture and breathtaking views.
When you hear the phrase “love hidden farm,” the first thing that may come to mind is a romanticized, heartwarming story. But love is not the only thing hidden on the farm—a unique and magical place. The farm is styled to emphasize the importance of the love hidden in its environment.
When we first saw a photo of the farm, we knew we had to go.
The lush greenery of the hills is the perfect backdrop for a picnic date, and the place is a great place to relieve stress. The verdant farm is a hidden gem in Occidental Mindoro, but locals do not often visit it.

The design and inspiration behind the farm

When you come to the farm, you’ll be surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere and Balinese-inspired design and inspiration that is wonderful.

What to do and see at Love Hidden Farm

1. You’ve got to read the “Hugot” quotes scattered around the farm.

2. When you visit Love Hidden Farm, you can see the animals and here are some of them.

3. Go on a walking tour through the beautiful mountain top.

4. Posed on their instagrammable spots especially those Balinese-inspired one.

5. Cradle Hanging From The Tree while enhaling the fresh air.

7. Climb and rest on their Tree House.

8. Night camping is allowed. But be sure to check the weather forecast first and call them for reservation.

How to get there:

The farm is located in Central, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. You can use Google Map. 

You may contact them on below details:

It’s hard to find the words to describe how much I love this place. It has such a positive and healing energy.
If you’re looking to have a day of fun with the family while getting in touch with nature, come to Love Hidden Farm! You’ll find relaxation there.
Explore the Love Hidden Farm in Central to experience nature in an up-close way.

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