Youtube Rewind Cancelled: Here’s why

In an exclusive article from Tubefilter today, YouTube has officially canceled its yearly Rewind video. After years of people criticizing it for being too corporate, the YouTube team has decided to take a different approach this year and was still unclear. 

What is Youtube Rewind?

YouTube Rewind was a yearly video series that showcased the best of YouTube, the people on it, and what we all love about it. This will show the best of viral videos, events, trends, and music. It was produced by YouTube and Portal A Interactive. The number of YouTube personalities featured in the series increased each year. The annual installments were uploaded onto YouTube’s official channel. In short, it is a recap of the popular and trending videos of the year. 

When was Youtube Rewind started?

YouTube Rewind was introduced in 2010 as a way to celebrate the best of the videos that were published on YouTube. The first Youtube Rewind “2010 YouTube Rewind: Year in Review” was uploaded on December 13, 2010, which features the top 10 most popular videos on YouTube for the preceding year. 

Why someone hates it Youtube Rewind 2018?

Of all the installment series, the “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind” became the most disliked video on Youtube that received universal disdain from critics, Youtubers and viewers. Youtube creators and fans accused it of being too corporate. Brands and celebrities would take over the platform instead of the actual community. As of this writing, the video received 19 million disliked and has lots of negative comments.

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