Facebook Announces Its New Name: Meta

Facebook has changed its name to “Meta” in an effort to better reflect the company’s focus on artificial intelligence.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s new name will be “Meta.” The name was chosen to represent the company’s future vision for the digital space – the metaverse. This is a shared virtual space that may eventually replace the internet as we know it. Indeed, a nod to hope for a future internet.

Metaverse is a virtual reality universe that allows users to have an immersive experience. It is possible to work and socialize with other people virtually, interacting with others in a 3D environment. With the help of virtual reality, you can share your experiences and adventures with your friends without leaving the comfort of your house.

Ever wanted to be anywhere but where you are? Metaverse is the answer. Now, with this headset, you can experience wherever you want to be in the world. You can virtually explore new places and share it with your friends. You can play basketball game, sit in front of the classroom or watch movies with friends virtually.

10,000 of its employees are currently using the program and Facebook plans to make money from selling hardware for virtual reality headsets and selling services within this new virtual space.

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