Discover Your Philippines Travel Level with the Viral ‘My Philippines Travel Level’ Web App

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The Philippines is a stunning nation that is full of historical, cultural, and natural attractions. It’s not surprising that an increasing number of people are choosing to travel to this magnificent country with its beautiful beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and welcoming people. This is where Denz del Villar(SE)’s Fill-It-In Map named “My Philippines Travel Level app” comes in handy.

The “My Philippines Travel Level” Fill-It-In Map, created by Denz del Villar(SE), is one of the newest trends in Philippine Social Media feeds today. With the use of this straightforward online application, users can visualize their level of travel within the Philippines by adding color to the map according to their amount of experience in each region.

The web application is simple to use, and the legends make it easy to categorize your level of experience in each area. You can color the map to indicate the locations you’ve lived in, stayed at, visited, or just drove by. 

The Fill-It-In Map has received a lot of attention on social media since it was released, with many internet users sharing their maps and experiences. The map has been used by some online users to reflect on past travels. To encourage others to travel to the Philippines and appreciate its beauty, others have shared their maps with the public.

One netizen shared, “Lahat ba nakasagot na dito? Deadline bukas ha? 😂✌
Yung gusto mo sana magtravel pero ayaw ng wallet mo. 🥺 Kaya bahay-work-bahay ka lang. 😭” – TravelbuddiesPh

Philippine travel level app

Another netizen wrote, “Karamihan jan, balikan lang sa panaginip, nakakapagod din. 😂” – Glen Dela Cruz Mendigoria

Philippine travel level app

Former vice president Leni Robredo, who had a score of 315, is one of the many people who flexed their result.

Overall, the “My Philippines Travel Level” Fill-It-In Map created by Denz del Villar(SE) is a fantastic tool for anyone who enjoys traveling and discovering new areas. It’s a fun and engaging way to envision your vacations, make travel plans, and think about your next adventure. Check out the web app at if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to think about making a donation if you enjoy it to keep the project available in the future.


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