Priest in Batangas Gave A Homily At His Ex-Girlfriend’s Wedding

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A priest in Batangas became an internet sensation after he gave a homily at the wedding of his ex-girlfriend.

There’s nothing more terrifying when you’re invited to your ex-girlfriend’s wedding, but is there anything more nervous than a priest assigned to give a homily at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding?

On his youtube channel, Fr. Roniel Sulit shared the video of his ex-girlfriend’s wedding where he gave the homily.

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According to Fr. Roniel, he has been to a lot of weddings and married couples, but he felt different nervousness and nervousness at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding.

priest in batangas who became nervous in his ex girlfriends wedding

In the said homily, Fr. Ronie Sulit, the priest in Batangas, mentioned the past of the bride. According to him, he and Korina met before because they both served in the same church; however, they did not stay together, and he has since taken the path of priesthood and works sincerely for God. 

He said that all of those things were already in the past, and it was his hope that the couple would be happy. He even joked that he had been late to the wedding because he had been a classmate of one of them.

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He said he knew that Korina was happy with his decision to marry someone else while he was also happy with his vocation of priesthood.

Here are some comments on the video:

Nakakatuwa naman po kayo panuorin father. Napasubscribe tuloy ako agad.-Jayce Amazing Stories

Father Roniel lang sakalam!! At talagang walang halong bitterness! Godbless you more Father! 🙏❤️ geozel ragas

Nakakatuwang panoorin Father. Na realized ko tuloy na maaring maging friends ang mag ex genuinely dahil may kanya kanyang path na nilaan ang Diyos sa bawat isa .God bless you more Father.ephraim redison

Grabe father super happy kame para sa mga buhay na binigay ni lord sa inyo🙏😍 Best wishes Ate Korina & Mannuel🥰😍 
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