Unveiling the Timeless Legacy: The Manila Central Post Office’s Captivating History

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The Manila Central Post Office is an iconic landmark in the Philippines’ capital city of Manila. This neoclassical masterpiece, created by renowned architects Juan Arellano and Tomas Mapua, has stood the test of time and contributed significantly to the city’s postal service for almost a century. A sad incident that happened recently, nevertheless, cast a dark shadow on this historic building. In this blog post, we’ll explore some fascinating facts about the Manila Central Post Office so that we can appreciate its stunning architecture and understand its cultural significance.

1. Architectural Marvel:

The Juan Arellano and Tomas Mapua architects provided the creative leadership that enabled the construction of the Manila Central Post Office to begin in 1926. Their excellent craftsmanship is still visible in the neoclassical design’s large façade and intricate details. The architects used different architectural styles, including Greco-Roman and Art Deco, to produce a unique and awe-inspiring structure.

2. A Historical Legacy:

The Manila Central Post Office has been a vital hub for Philippine postal services for more than 90 years. Beyond its useful function, the structure is of immeasurable historical worth. It serves as a reminder of the Philippines’ ongoing postal tradition and represents the country’s advancement and growth during the American colonial era.

3. Cost and Construction:

The Manila Central Post Office was considered as an engineering and architectural marvel when it was being built. The building’s P1 million price tag at the time, which reflected its grandeur and scale, was a significant investment. After it was finished in 1940, the post office became a centerpiece in Manila’s architectural scene as a symbol of the nation’s hopes and development.

4. The Destructive Fire:

The Manila Central Post Office suffered significant damage on May 21 as a result of an unfortunate fire that engulfed the historic building. The fire, which began at 11:41 p.m., burned for almost eight hours before it was ultimately put out at 7:22 a.m. the following morning. The occurrence caused the Filipino people to feel a collective feeling of loss and grief as they mourned the damage done to this cultural treasure.

5. Cultural Symbolism:

More than just a functional building, the Manila Central Post Office serves an important purpose. It embodies the spirit of communication by bringing people together across the archipelago and enabling the exchange of ideas, news, and emotions. Families and friends would congregate at the post office to wait impatiently for letters and packages, especially around important occasions and holidays. Generations of Filipinos have vivid memories of its cultural significance.

6. Surviving World War II

Given its survival through the ravages of World War II, the Manila Central Post Office’s resilience is particularly remarkable. Despite the widespread devastation that engulfed Manila during the war, the building remained relatively intact, a testament to its sturdy construction and durable design.


A stark reminder of the fragility of our historical treasures is the recent fire that wreaked ravaged on the Manila Central Post Office. The post office has significant cultural and historical value to the people of the Philippines, hence the loss is not only structural but also emotional. Despite the difficulties, there is hope. Let’s protect and preserve this national treasure so that future generations can see its beauty and appreciate its historical significance.

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