Activate Shopee SPayLater: What You Need to Know

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What is Shopee SPayLater?

Shopee now introduces SPayLater, a flexible financing option that lets you buy now and pay later.

Popular online shopping site Shopee has launched a new payment option that offers attractive financing plans for its qualified online shoppers. Just like in credit card transactions, buyers can use this new pay later option to pay for their purchases in full or in monthly installments over time.

Shopee SPayLater Requirements

If you are qualified, these are the other requirements.

  1. Filipino Citizen
  2. at least 21-years old
  3. 1-Valid ID (I used UMID)

The Process to Activate Shopee SPayLater

If you see SPayLater on your account, you have been qualified for activation.

Enter the code you receive in your register mobile number. Upload a VALID ID (just make sure it’s clear.) Then click ‘Confirm’.

Fill in the additional details. Be sure to fully understand the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy then click ‘Confirm’. Take and upload a selfie for verification.

Wait for the verification process. Once verified, “Congratulations!”, SPayLater activated!!! But wait, do not forget to select your preferred due date, choose if every 5th or 15th of the month.

8 SPayLater Activated


SPayLater has an interest rate ranging from 1-5% per month depending on your bill amount. You can avoid additional fees by paying on time.

Processing FeeInterest RateLate Payment Fee
0-2% of the total amount

1-5% per month on total order.

The interest rate will be based on your personal credit profile


This monthly rate is applied to the outstanding amount


SPayLater resembles Credit Card in that it is virtual and can only be used on the Shopee platform. There are both advantages and drawbacks to this, just like you can get the thing you want quickly but you may sink into debt if you spend too much. You should consider whether something is a NEED or WANT before you buy it. 

So, that’s it guys, let me know in the comment section what you think of SPayLater. 


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