Make Smart Investments Today – How To Open An SSS WISP Plus Investment

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Introduction: What is SSS WISP Plus and why you should invest in it

If you’re looking to make smart investments today, then you should consider opening an SSS WISP Plus account. This investment option offers a variety of benefits, including guaranteed returns and low risk. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some key things to know about SSS WISP Plus.

SSS WISP Plus is a type of investment offered through the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines. It’s designed to allow individuals to grow their retirement savings in a low-risk environment. With SSS WISP Plus, you’ll receive guaranteed returns.

In addition to these benefits, SSS WISP Plus has no income tax liability and no capital gains tax liability. This means that any profits from your investment will be completely tax-free. Furthermore, your initial investment can be as small as P500 (about $10 US dollars).

The benefits of investing in SSS WISP Plus

According to SSS Chief – Michael G. Regino, WISP Plus can provide an extra layer of financial security for retirees who receive benefits from the regular SSS program. This additional protection can help to ensure that they have enough money to cover their costs during retirement.


Apart from the fact that you must already be a member, this is what you should know before applying for SSS WISP Plus Investment

  1. You should not have filed any final benefit claim, such as retirement or total disability benefits, to qualify for the program.
  2. With at least one (1) posted contribution
  3. The minimum WISP Plus contribution is Php500 per transaction.

How to open an SSS WISP Plus investment account

If you want to enroll in WISP Plus, you should first make sure you are an SSS Member and have an online SSS Account.

  1. Log in to your sss online account @ or go directly to My.SSS portal. Click Services. Select Enroll to WISP Plus. Read terms and conditions. Accept if you agree.

2. Generate PRN, choose amount and pay. Go to Payment Reference Number tab. Click Contributions. Click Generate PRN. Click Generate PRN Icon. Click WISP plus only. Encode Amount. Submit Request.

It will generate a PRN and it can be paid at sss offices, payment centers, accredited banks, gcash, pay maya, etc.

How to pay SSS WISP Plus trough GCash App

Just follow the instructions below on how to pay using the GCash App.

Login to the GCash app. Tap ‘Bills’ and Search ‘SSS’. Select ‘SSS CONTRIBUTION’

Enter the amount. Enter the PRN (Payment Reference Number). Select the Payor Type and enter the Email Address. Finally, click the ‘Confirm’ button. There is a charge of P15 for the transaction.

You will receive an SMS from SSS when your contribution is posted.


With the right investments, you can take your financial future into your own hands. SSS WISP Plus offers the opportunity to make smart investments without taking on too much risk. From the guaranteed returns to the flexible investment options, this investment option is a great way to get started. So if you’re looking to make smart investments today, SSS WISP Plus is definitely worth considering.


For more detailed information, you may visit LAWS & CIRCULARS Section of the SSS website (, SSS social media pages or visit the nearest SSS branch.


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4 thoughts on “Make Smart Investments Today – How To Open An SSS WISP Plus Investment

  • Jubef Meh

    Is it okay if you invest any amount? As an example, I will set aside Php500 for this month and Php1,000 for the following month. 

    • Kim B

      Is the initially generated PRN will be the only PRN that will be used in the future transactions? Or you need to generate new PRN every time you will make a deposit?

      • Yes! The SSS PRN is a unique number you will use to pay and presented/encode in the SSS Payment Partners (like Bayad Center, Gcash and Paymaya). You will need to generate a new PRN every time you pay monthly.


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