PayMaya Negosyo, your own business in the app.

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Become a Paymaya Negosyo entrepreneur and earn extra income. Now you can send/received Smart Padala, accepts bills payment, sell prepaid loads nationwide!

What is Paymaya Negosyo?

PayMaya recently released an app called Paymaya Negosyo for MSMEs and entrepreneurs that will facilitate cashless transactions and sales despite the ongoing pandemic. It gives micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises a way to accept online payments without necessarily having to market themselves on e-commerce platforms. Digital payments have been heralded as a major improvement in the way we do business. PayMaya has been a game changer for millions of businesses and consumers alike by bringing about this technology.

Here's what the app can do:

Aside from Smart Padala, Bills Payment and Prepaid Loads, the Paymaya Negosyo app allows you to do the following:

How to Register?

To sign up, use your mobile number(must not registered already in Paymaya). You will be asked to upload a government-issued ID and a video selfie. Once you have submitted your details, it can take up to 48 hours to verify your application. You can follow these steps:

Go to Google Play Store (may not yet be available on Apple App Store) and search for PayMaya Negosyo. Download and install the app on your mobile device.

-Register for your PayMaya Negosyo account. Open the installed PayMaya app. Tap Register and enter your personal information—including your name, birthday, address, and citizenship status—as it appears on your ID card. You must be a Filipino citizen to get your account approved.

ID’s Accepted:

Driver’s License
SSS ID(Digitized, with Photo)
Postal ID(issued 2015 onwards)

-Enter your registered mobile number, wait for the OTP to arrive, and then enter it on the app.

-Review the Data Privacy Policy. Choose your preferences. Then, select Agree.

-Please fill out your registration as completely as possible. You will be required to provide your name, address, and identification details (a government-issued ID and a video selfie). Tap Record button when you’re ready.

-Your registration is going through the proper approval process. You will receive an SMS with your approval status within 48 hours. When you get the approval, you may start receiving contactless payments from your clients.

All in all, PayMaya Negosyo is a very good service and one that should be considered when it comes to making your small business more financially independent. It’s especially useful for those who have no budget to market their business. You could compare it to those who sell goods at outdoor markets–they accept cash only but the good news is that now you can accept online payments too.


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