Escape to Munting Buhangin Beach Camp: Your Metro Manila Getaway

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When my colleagues and I were yearning for a beach retreat to soak up the summer vibes, we carefully picked Munting Buhangin Beach Camp in Nasugbu, Batangas. This little paradise promised us not just a dose of Vitamin Sea but also white sandy shores and exciting activities.


Munting Buhangin Beach Camp

Location and Booking:

Munting Buhangin Beach Camp, nestled in Barrio Natipuan, Nasugbu, Batangas, turned out to be the perfect beach destination. To ensure a seamless trip, we made advance reservations by giving them a call.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • You need to bring your own food since the camp allows cooking.
  • Don’t forget to pack extension cords.
  • Be ready to carry your own luggage down a steep flight of stairs; there are no porters available.
  • Cash is king; they don’t accept credit or debit cards.
Munting Buhangin Beach Camp do not accept credit or debit card.
Munting Buhangin Beach Camp do not have porters.
long staircase at Munting Buhangin Beach Camp

Adventurous Activities:

As soon as we arrived, our excitement levels soared as we descended a staircase that led to a well-maintained beach with soft white sands. The possibilities for fun seemed endless.

Munting Buhangin Beach Camp had thrilling options like island hopping and jet skiing for the adrenaline junkies among us. We spent hours swimming, snorkeling, and basking in the rejuvenating sea.

Island Hopping at Munting Buhangin Beach Camp
Island Hopping at Munting Buhangin Beach Camp

For those seeking relaxation, we found solace beneath the shade of swaying palm trees, perfect for sunbathing and bonding with colleagues.

An Extra Adventure:

Our appetite for adventure didn’t stop there. On our way back home, we discovered the Kaybiang Tunnel, adding an exciting twist to our journey as we passed through this remarkable tunnel carved into the mountainside.

Sidetrip to Kaybiang Tunnel on our way home from Munting Buhangin Beach Camp

The Beach Near Metro Manila:

Our time at Munting Buhangin Beach Camp exceeded all expectations. It struck the perfect balance between excitement and relaxation. Despite the challenge of lugging our belongings down a steep staircase, the breathtaking beach made it all worthwhile. This hidden gem is your go-to destination for a quick beach getaway near Metro Manila. Just remember to pack your own meals, book ahead, and brace yourself for an unforgettable summer experience.


When packing for your trip, you might want to consider the following items:

  1. Face mask
  2. Tumbler to stay hydrated
  3. Remember to bring sunscreen
  4. Goggles for swimming and snorkleng
  5. Swimsuit
  6. Luggage or Backpack
  7. Vacuum storage packs
  8. Selfie stick for you great photos
  9. Waterproof case for Smartphone protection
  10. Action Cam
  11. Powerbank

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