Atoy’s Porkchop: A Pork Lover’s Delight

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I consider myself to be a pork chop enthusiast, thus I am constantly searching for eateries that will satisfy my craving for this beloved dish. I was therefore more than excited to try it out when my coworkers invited me to lunch at Atoy’s Porkchop in BF Aguirre, Paranaque. I had no idea that this unassuming fast food restaurant would end up being my go-to spot for the greatest pork chop in town.

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A Hidden Gem for Pork Chop Lovers:

Although Atoy’s Porkchop is a simple fast food restaurant, its menu is everything but ordinary. Their star attraction is the pan-fried pork chop, and for good reason. We didn’t waste any time in ordering this mouthwatering dish because we were eager to taste the tastes that everyone was raving about.

My Atoy's Porkchop review:

I knew we were in for a treat as soon as the pork chop arrived at our table. With each bite, the lean flesh almost melted in my mouth due to how soft it was. The properly seasoned outer layer’s subtle crunch provided a tasty mouthfeel. The way the fat on the chop effortlessly dissolved, imparting an explosion of savory goodness, was what really made Atoy’s Porkchop trully sets apart.

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Dipping Sauces to Enhance the Flavor:

Two dipping sauces are available from Atoy’s Porkchop to elevate the already exquisite taste. One is a vinegar with a sour flavor that has been infused with bird’s eye chili, or siling labuyo. The other is a traditional vinegar and soy sauce combination. Both sauces enhanced the flavor of the pork chop, though I personally liked the vinegar’s spicy kick. With each dip, the tastes were enhanced, leaving me wanting more with every bite.

Not Just for the Young Ones:

I was pleasantly delighted to see adults enjoying their meals equally as much as children, despite the fact that Atoy’s Porkchop is definitely appealing to the younger population. This restaurant is popular with people of all ages because of its straightforward yet tasty flavors.

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Dinner being serveda at Atoy's Porkchop BF Paranaque

Atoy's Porkchop History:

Since its beginnings, Atoy’s Porkchop has come a long way. This business, which was first established by Mang Atoy and his wife, Luzviminda, in San Antonio, Laguna, has since grown to include BF Homes Paraaque and other branches in Metro Manila. Their commitment to providing top-notch pork chops has won them a devoted following and earned them a well-deserved reputation as the best in the neighborhood.

Convenient Options for Ordering:

Getting your hands on Atoy’s Porkchop has gotten much simpler thanks to the digital age. You may now use well-known delivery apps like Grab and MUNCH to order your favorite foods. If you would rather go to the restaurant in person, take-out orders are accepted from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm at the BF Aguirre and BF Resort locations.

Additional Delights on the Menu:

Even though the pork chop is unquestionably the star of the show, Atoy’s Porkchop also serves up a variety of delectable delicacies. There is something for everyone, from the savory chicken longganisa to the luscious leg quarter fried chicken. Their Bonuan, Pangasinan-sourced, boneless bangus is a seafood lover’s paradise. The homemade tocino and beef tapa, their second best-seller, coupled with fried rice and egg, is just seductive for those in the mood for morning dishes.


Atoy’s Porkchop ought to be your first choice if you’re craving a mouthwatering pork chop while in BF Homes Paranaque. This fast food restaurant will have you going back for more thanks to its tender and flavorful meat, filling dipping sauces, and a range of other alluring meals. Atoy’s Porkchop is the place to go if you enjoy straightforward but flavorful food or are yearning pork chops. Don’t pass on this Paranaque hidden gem.

Location and Contact Information:

  • Address: 195a Aguirre Avenue BF Homes ParaƱaque, ParaƱaque, Philippines
  • Telephone No.: (02) 400 6604 (BF Paranaque Branch)
  • Facebook Page: Atoy’s Porkchop
  • Delivery options available through Grab and MUNCH apps
  • Take-out orders available at BF Aguirre and BF Resort branches from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Fixed delivery rate of P40 per transaction if within BF Homes only.

Atoy's Porkchop Branches:

Price Highlight:

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