Friendster’s Comeback: Is It Happening in 2024?

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According to CNN Indonesia, Friendster, the famous social network from the 2000s, is planning a comeback soon.

When you go to Friendster domain, there’s a message saying, “Bringing It Back to the People. Rediscover the charm of the early era of social networking, now rejuvenated with a contemporary twist. Friendster is better than ever and for the people.” This suggests there’s a “new era of personalized networking” on the horizon. The new Friendster has colors like Facebook, keeping it simple with the same smiley logo. 


Frinedsters early access page
Frinedsters early access page

As of now, Friendster’s sign-up page is still there if you want early access. Interestingly, there haven’t been any changes or updates since CNN first talked about it.

With Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger having recent problems, many Filipinos are talking online about missing the good old days of Friendster.

Almost two years ago, a fake Friendster website got people excited, but this time it’s on the real, making it more believable. It seems like people’s wishes might finally come true.

But, be careful. In 2022, GamingPH warned against signing up for Friendster on a fake site with a simple look and tabs for blog, members, groups, and forums. There’s a chance your account details could be at risk.

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