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On September 14 event, Apple announces its newest lineup of iPhones. These new models will come with some awesome new features and upgrades that you’re really going to love! Read on what exciting iPhone 13 features you should expect.


Cinematic Mode

Let’s start with the Cinematic Mode. To help filmmakers and enthusiasts take their videos to the next level, Apple has introduced a new feature called Cinematic Mode. It lets users shoot high-quality footage in the palm of their hand. Through AI, the system can automatically detect which object to focus on in a shot. It will also identify subjects of importance and focus on them when they enter the frame.

iphone 13 focus foreground subject
iPhone 13 focus on foreground subject.
iPhone 13 focus on bacground subject.
iPhone 13 focus on background subject.

The new device’s camera is smarter than the previous generation, so it can identify what you’re shooting and automatically adjust the focus. This means that you don’t have to fiddle with the settings yourself. You’ll be able to shoot videos or take still photos with a depth effect that makes your pictures pop off the screen.

The Cinematic mode on the iPhone 13 allows users to create dramatic video moments, like those seen in movies. 

Apple iPhone 13 Pro in Cinematic Mode
Apple iPhone 13 Pro in Cinematic Mode

Macro Photography and ProRes video

The Pro models of Apple’s iPhone 13 come with an additional telephoto lens, three cameras in total. The wide and ultra-wide cameras have been improved from the standard iPhone 13. The two key features that stand out on the Pro models are a Macro Photography mode and ProRes video.

iPhone 13 Pro Telephoto Lens
iphone 13 Telefoto lens
iPhone 13 Telefoto Lens
Macro test photo shown at the event.
Macro test photo shown at the event.

Apple has redesigned the ultra-wide lens for the pro models and included an autofocus system that can focus on any object at just two centimeters away. 

The new macro mode on the iPhone 13 is one of the most innovative features of this phone. It allows you to take macro shots for the video which could lead to some pretty cool slow-motion close-ups.

iphone 13 Macro Shots for video

With its ProRes capabilities, iPhone 13 Pro can offer high color fidelity and a lower compression rate for video content.

ProMotion Technology

iPhone 13 Pro has the 120 refresh rate provides a buttery smooth scrolling and navigation effect that makes your device appear faster or snappier.

iphone 13 gaming
iphone 13 scrolling

The iPhone 13 Pro ProRes Technology has the potential to make a big difference for certain games and creative applications. Apple has optimized it to minimize battery drain, adjusting the frame rate on-the-fly depending on battery life, application, etc. The range of this feature is between 10 hertz and 120 hertz depending on what is being displayed.

iphone 13 nits display

The iPhone 13 has a brightness of 800 nits, while the iPhone Pro models feature a 1000 nit display. Both phones are capable of reaching 1200 nits in HDR content.

iPhone 13 Colors
iPhone 13 Colors

These iPhone 13 colors include products Red, Midnight Blue, and Pink while the Pro models come in Standard Graphite, Gold Silver, and a new Sierra Blue color.

iPhone 13 Pro Colors
iPhone 13 Pro Colors

The iPhone 13 Pro model has frosted matte glass which is more resistant to smudges and fingerprints. It also features stainless steel, which is much more durable than the aluminum housing that’s found on the iPhone 13.

All images are screengrabbed from the Apple 2021 event Youtube video.

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