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“I travel because SEEING PHOTOS in Books and Brochures WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH for me. TO BE THERE, That WAS EVERYTHING.”

– Wiremu Ratcliffe

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I hope that through sharing my experiences, I can help you plan your next trip.

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The goal of this blog is to share my ideas about earning money online and other aspects of life that are interesting.

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If you want to experience what many consider to be the greatest value that travel can offer and expand your horizons, then you should go to another place. 


Traveling is a way to test our flexibility and understand how we and the world around us works. It’s also a way to learn about new things and people, and by building relationships we can better interpret the world.

Mantangkob River - Magsaysay
picture at temple of leah fountain
Temple of Leah - Cebu
One of the most visited places is the National Museum.
National Museum - Manila
Fun replaced my tiredness when I reached the top of Tila Pilon Hills.
Tila Pilon Hills - Rizal