Meta Verified: A Paid Subscription Service for extra protection – Announced by Mark Zuckerberg

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On February 19, 2023, it was revealed that Meta, the parent corporation of Facebook and Instagram, would be introducing a brand-new premium subscription service called Meta Verified. Users of the service will be able to authenticate their accounts, among other things, and a monthly fee will apply.

A increasing trend towards online identity verification includes Meta Verified. Making sure people are who they claim to be has grown more crucial with the growth of bogus accounts and online scams. Meta aims to increase users’ trust in the veracity of their online interactions by providing a paid subscription service for identity verification.

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In order to receive a blue badge and additional security against impersonator accounts, users will be able to verify their accounts using a government ID, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Direct customer assistance will also be available to service subscribers, which may be helpful for people who utilize the platform for business or other professional purposes. Although there is a monthly fee associated with the service, it can be a worthwhile investment for individuals wishing to enhance their online visibility and guarantee the sincerity of their platform interactions.

Of course, Meta Verified could also have certain disadvantages. One consequence is that users who cannot afford to pay for the service may find the platform less accessible. If Meta gathers a sizable amount of user personal data as part of the verification process, it might also cause privacy and data security issues.

In addition to the disclosure of Meta Verified, it was also made clear that Meta will launch this week in Australia and New Zealand with intentions to spread to additional nations later on. For those interested in using the new Meta Verified service, it’s important to note that the service starts at $11.99 per month on the web, and $14.99 per month on iOS.

Notwithstanding these possible drawbacks, Meta Verified is an intriguing platform advancement. It’s crucial to confirm that the people we deal with on social media are who they claim to be as more and more of our lives shift online. Meta is making a significant contribution to the development of a more reliable and secure online environment by providing identity verification as a paid subscription service. Although it’s unclear whether people would be ready to pay for the service, it will be intriguing to observe how it develops in the following months.


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