Passenger drove taxi of the sleepy driver

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A woman named Cristina Tan Villanueva is now viral on social media because she drove the 70-year-old sleepy driver.

Cristina took a picture of a sleepy driver
Photo Courtesy: Cristina Tan Villanueva

According to her, the driver asked to transfer to another taxi because he could no longer drive due to excessive drowsiness. So she insisted that she be the only one to drive because her house was still far from where they were.

“While on the road sabi ni tatay [taxi driver] lipat nalang daw ako dahil hindi nya kaya mag drive sa sobrang antok, sabi ko delikado naman kung baba ako somewhere hindi ko alam kung makakasakay agad ako” Cristina said.

“I insisted ako na ang mag drive dahil malayo pa ang bahay ko from our location at first ayaw niya nahihiya at akala nya hindi ako marunong mag drive ng manual, Cristina added.

She offered to drive to his house and put the 70-year-old driver to sleep. When she started to drive, the driver fell asleep immediately and was snoozing. While on the road, the crowd hails the taxi and then were shocked and laughed because the driver was a woman.

“Ginising ko nalang si tatay nung nakarating na kami sa bahay ko.”, Cristina said.

cristina and the sleep driver
Photo Courtesy of Cristina Tan Villanueva

According to Cristina, the 70-year-old sleepy man was a driver since Marcos’ time. 


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