NewsTech to Shut Down after Over Two Decades of Service

2 minutes read (PEx), which has been in operation for more than 20 years, has announced that it will be closing this month. PEx is an online community where individuals can connect and have conversations about the newest news, entertainment, sports, travel, technology, and other topics. PEx has over 1.5 million monthly users worldwide. PEx was created on July 12, 1999, by Jude Turcuato (Kaboom! ), Michael Nolledo, and Nix Nolledo as a platform for early members to moderate discussions and content.

PEx has been an essential part of many Filipinos’ online experiences. It has given them a forum on which to discuss their thoughts and experiences and make new friends. The forum is renowned for its vibrant debates, interesting conversations, and varied viewpoints. It has served as a resource for knowledge, amusement, and a location to meet people who have similar interests.

Despite being widely used, PEx has had difficulty keeping up with the rapidly evolving digital scene, and there are no known reasons for its termination. Several users have been saddened by the news of its closure, and some have expressed gratitude for the memories and friendships they have formed on the network.

Tambay ako ng PEx dati. Tapos super helpful pa ng “DLSU profs to pick and to avoid” thread pre-Facebook era. How sad. :'( – Michael @rollyoaks

“I was a tambay in the academe section. Nakikibarda sa mga ‘the best school’ eme. Learned a lot from the members’ posts. Chose my med school based on the members’ insights and suggestions. Thanks, PEx! ❤️” – Alli @AlliJayMD

“Maraming salamat, PEx! My college life was fun because of you. I met wonderful people (Potterheads & Gleeks) thru your platform!” – kath 🍒💎 D-20 til SVT FML!

“Shoutout to all my castaways. It has been an honor being your host. Thank you to @pinoyexchange for the fun memories.” – Fitz Villafuerte

“Salamat sa serbisyo, PEX! 🫡” – James Amante

The PEx team thanked its users in a social media post on Tuesday, writing, “From the bottom of our hearts, Maraming Salamat!” The post sparked an emotional response, with many users expressing their love and gratitude for the platform that has been a part of their life for so long.

We acknowledge the contribution PEx has made to the online Filipino community as it gets ready to say farewell. We recall the relationships we built, the memories we created, and the events we shared. We acknowledge the contributions made by the founders, moderators, and members who helped PEx become a well-liked online community for more than two decades.

Farewell,, and thank you for the memories.


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