Queen Inutz instant artist after went viral in live selling

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Queen Inutz, who became famous for live-streaming herself selling ukay on social media, has just signed a contract with a talent management agency.

The video went viral earlier this week because she has received attention for her “unique” live selling strategy.

Social media users all over the world have been sharing a video of Daisy selling her ukay products, because they find her selling strategy to be interesting and funny. It has gained a huge following on Facebook by being funny and cursing on her TikTok videos, while she sells used and preloved clothes.

queen inutz video views on facebook

The live-streaming seller called out a number of people who were just watching her without purchasing any of her products.

According to Star Image Artist Management, the same agency that handles controversial social media personalities Xander Ford and Buknoy Glamurr, Queen Inutz is their newest talent. They announced her signing on August 13, Friday and shared photos from the contract-signing ceremony.

Famous comedian Chad Kinis wanted to meet Online Live Selling Queen.

Madam Kilay and netizens regret madam Inutz’s signing a contract with Star Image! Most people say that she should just go solo since he is already famous.


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