Shopee to Discontinue GGives and GCredit as Payment Options

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One of the top Southeast Asian online marketplaces, Shopee, recently declared they would stop accepting GGives and GCredit as payment methods on their app and website. This news has created quite a stir among Shopee users, who have gotten accustomed to using various payment methods for their purchases.

Shopee claims that GGives and GCredit would remain accessible on their site till April 30, 2023. This indicates that customers still have a few months to purchase using these payment methods. These payment methods won’t be allowed beyond that time, though.

Shopee to Discontinue GGives and GCredit as Payment Options

How does this affect Shopee users, though? Will there be alternative payment options available? The answer is yes. Shopee has clarified that GCash will continue to be accepted as a payment method for items purchased through their app on their platform. In addition, you can still deposit money into your Shopeepay wallet using GCash.

It’s significant to note that initial Shopee transactions using GCredit and GGives will remain valid and active. Users must still utilize the GCash App to make their loan payments. Users who paid for canceled or unsuccessful orders using these methods can get refunds by contacting Shopee’s customer service.

Some consumers might be shocked by Shopee’s decision to remove GGives and GCredit as payment choices. But it’s crucial to realize that this choice was made for a purpose. Shopee is always searching for ways to enhance its platform and increase user productivity.

In conclusion, individuals who have gotten accustomed to utilizing GGives and GCredit may experience some inconvenience as a result of Shopee’s decision to stop offering these payment options. Users can still utilize GCash for their platform transactions, and other payment methods are still accessible. Do not hesitate to contact Shopee’s customer support for help if you have any questions.


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