Squid Game: A Netflix Series Teaches Important Life Lessons

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I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this Squid Game series. It is an absolute must-watch for anyone who is interested in learning important life lessons. 

The Squid Game is a Netflix drama series where a group of people will fight for a huge amount of money. However, there are lessons to be learned in this series.

the squid game

1. Money can't buy happiness.

Seong Gi-Hun(#456) won the game, but he wasn’t happy because he lost his teammate Sang-Woo. One year later, Gi-hun still hadn’t withdrawn his money but had given it to Sang-Woo’s mother (who now took care of Sang-byeok(#240) brother).

2. Cheating won't make you a winner.

Jang Deok-su (#101) leader who is a bully is an ally of a doctor who has a hidden agenda. The doctor helps the staff with the operation of the body organs to sell it in exchange of what’s the next game. But later, the Masked leader discovers this and condemns them to death.

doctor condemns to death

3. Play smart.

In the Tug-of-War game, Sang-Woo(#218) figured out a way for them to defeat the opponent. Instead of pulling the rope, they step forward so that the opponent loses control and falls. Add the Honeycomb game, where Seong Gi-Hun pulls out an umbrella object that is difficult to detach. He later noticed that saliva would help to detach it.

Sang-Woo advises Ali to be smart in the game.

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4. Gambling ruins everything.

Seong Gi-Hun is a man of many vices. He is addicted to gambling and lost more than he could afford on the horse races. It got so bad that he had to borrow money from loan sharks just to stay afloat. Gin-Hu had gotten into trouble with the Squid Game, too, by being blinded by the prospect of winning a prize that would pay off his debt.

5. Never expect.

The Odd-Even game is one of the most challenging games ever. It’s a game where the players themselves are their opponents. It’s not like any other game because it requires an even keel and a lot of patience. Some people have become greedy and want to beat their partners, but some tolerate it for their partners’ good.

Ji-yeong tolerates for Sae-byeok's safety.
Ji-yeong (#240) let Sae-byeok live.

6. Do not trust someone easily even if they show good manners.

Ali(#199) decides to follow Sang-Woo’s instruction to give his trust and leave his marbles. But this was all a trap; Sang-Woo only wanted the marble so Ali would let go of them and later made Ali killed. Sang-Woo showed Ali kindness by giving him money and other services, but this was just an act.

Ali died because of its fraud.

7. Life is not a game.

Life is a fascinating journey, and it will never be boring. It is not just a race from the cradle to the grave. One must keep in mind that life is finite and should be valued accordingly. There are many ways to find happiness, and they don’t need to cost a lot of money.

You should definitely watch the Squid Game. 

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