President Bongbong Marcos approves an extension of the SIM Card Registration Deadline for 90 More Days

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Filipinos who haven’t registered their SIM cards can sigh with relief as the deadline has been extended by 90 days. Jesus Crispin Remulla, the secretary of the Department of Justice, announced that President Bongbong Marcos approved the extension of SIM Card registration due to the low registration turnout and the persistent failure of many Filipinos to register their SIM cards on time.

The SIM Registration Act of 2022 stated that the registration deadline for SIMs was April 26, 2023. Filipinos now have until July 25, 2023, thanks to the 90-day extension, to register their SIM cards.


To register your SIM card, you can visit the following websites:

To keep your number active, it’s essential to register your SIM card right away. If you don’t do this, your SIM card can be deactivated, and you might also lose your phone number and any remaining amount on your prepaid load account.

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Malacañang approved the extension after the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) recommended it.

Although the extension may be good news for many Filipinos, some officials expressed disappointment with the country’s persistent failure to enforce the SIM registration law. In response to the situation, Secretary Ivan Uy said, “Matitigas lang talaga ulo nga ating mga kababayan… They always wait until the last minute and hope for an extension.”

In conclusion, Filipinos who still need to register their SIM cards should be happy with the 90-day extension for registration. To minimize any inconveniences and maintain the use of your number, make sure to register your SIM card right away. Remember that SIMs are not dead, and complying with the SIM registration law is for our protection and safety.

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