Stepping into Style at Tondo Street PH: 5 Pairs for P999!

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Hey there, all you shoe lovers! I recently stumbled upon a fantastic find right in the heart of Manila, and I’m excited to share it with you. Tondo Street PH, tucked away on Dagupan Street in the bustling Tondo district, is a true paradise for footwear enthusiasts. Here’s the incredible part: you can get your hands on 5 pairs of stylish shoes, slides, and socks, all for just P999. Yes, you heard that correctly! Join me as we take a virtual tour of this footwear haven.


The Amazing Deal

As soon as you step inside Tondo Street PH, you’ll be greeted by a stunning collection of shoes that caters to every style and preference. The highlight here is undoubtedly the unbeatable offer of 5 pairs of footwear for just P999. Considering the high quality and diverse range of shoes available, it’s an absolute steal.

For those of you who can’t visit in person, you can also check out these shoes online on Shopee!

Far from Manila, you may check these shoes online on Shopee!

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tondo street ph shoppers

What's Included:

With the Tondo Street PH package, you’ll receive two pairs of shoes that work well for both casual and formal occasions. Additionally, you’ll find two stylish pairs of slides, perfect for relaxing or hitting the beach. But hold on, there’s more! They even throw in a pair of socks to keep your feet comfy and fashionable.

Options for Everyone:

Tondo Street PH doesn’t limit its offerings to just men’s shoes. They have an excellent variety of shoes for women and kids too, recognizing the importance of catering to all their customers. Whether you’re in the market for trendy athletic shoes or cute footwear for your little ones, you’ll discover a wide selection here.

Location and Landmarks:

Finding Tondo Street PH is a breeze as it’s conveniently located near Tutuban Center. Just keep an eye out for the well-known Brgy. 51 Hall, where you’ll find this fantastic store. So, whether you’re a local or a visitor exploring Manila, Tondo Street PH is conveniently close to some popular attractions.

tondo street ph is just walk in distance from tutuban center
Brgy. 51 Hall in Tondo in front of Tondo Street PH

Contact Info:

For more information, you may contact them on their Facebook Page.

Tondo Street PH, situated in Tondo, Manila, is a true paradise for shoe lovers. Their offer of 5 pairs for P999 is simply irresistible and is changing the way we shop for shoes. With a remarkable selection of options for men, women, and children, along with a hands-on shopping experience, Tondo Street PH is a must-visit destination for any shoe enthusiast. So, put on your favorite pair of shoes and make your way to Tondo Street PH to make a stylish statement without breaking the bank!

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