Tara: Affordable Ride-Hailing Game-Changer

Last updated on March 9th, 2024 at 11:04 pm

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Imagine a world where you can easily catch a ride without breaking the bank. Tara, a newcomer in the ride-hailing scene, is here to make that vision a reality and offer an alternative to well-known services like Grab.


A Vision Inspired by Nostalgia and Innovation

The story of Tara begins with a simple idea and a touch of nostalgia. Its founder, Erwin Dee, stumbled upon TikTok videos where people fondly recalled the days when Uber rides were incredibly affordable, costing just around 300 pesos for long journeys. This sparked a thought: “What if I could create a ride-hailing app? What if I could bring back those budget-friendly fares?” With a background in programming and the necessary resources, he dedicated nine months to turning this idea into a reality.

Addressing the Ride-Hailing Challenge

In the world of academia, research is all about identifying and filling gaps. In the ride-hailing industry, Erwin noticed a significant problem that needed attention: the skyrocketing booking fares due to surcharges. The challenge was clear—reduce fares without affecting drivers’ earnings. This challenge became Tara’s mission.

More Than Just an App

While other ride-hailing alternatives have emerged, Tara takes a different approach. It’s not just another app packed with features. Tara is all about delivering real value to both riders and drivers.

Meet Tara: What Makes It Stand Out

Tara represents a transformative change in the ride-hailing landscape. Here’s what makes Tara stand out:

  • Affordable Fares: Tara follows the LTFRB’s fare matrix, eliminating hidden fees or surcharges. With Tara, users can save up to 300 pesos, especially on long trips and during peak hours.
  • Empowering Drivers: Tara takes a bold step by not charging drivers any commissions. This means every peso they earn goes directly into their pockets, giving them the financial freedom they deserve. By eliminating the 20% commission, drivers can increase their daily earnings, which can be used for essentials like food and fuel.
  • Community-Centric: Tara’s commitment to its users and drivers goes beyond fares and commissions. The platform plans to allocate a significant 80% of its ad revenue to provide user incentives. These incentives could come in the form of promo codes or monthly bonuses for top-performing drivers. What makes this unique is that advertisers will sponsor these incentives, creating a blend of advertising and goodwill.
Fares Computation of Tara - Tara ride-hailing alternative
Photo credits from Erwin Dee FB Profile

Tara is gearing up to launch on both the App Store and Google Play Store, promising a brighter, more affordable, and fairer future for ride-hailing. Stay updated with the latest news, announcements, and exclusive invite codes by joining the Tara Facebook group.

The founder of Tara wants to express their heartfelt thanks to their family, especially their mother Sonia Dee, and their siblings for their unwavering support. They also want to give a special shout-out to their best friend, Nico Bangit, for being understanding amidst their busy schedule. It’s important to note that the Tara ride-hailing alternative owes its existence, in part, to the scholarship from Benilde, which enabled them to create this innovative ride-hailing platform and contribute positively to the community.

With Tara, the affordable Grab alternative, the future of ride-hailing looks promising, putting both riders and drivers back in control.

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