Goodbye to passwords and hello to Google Passkeys

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Do you have trouble keeping track of the passwords for all of your Google accounts? Google may have some great news for you if so. Recently, the tech giant announced the launch of “Google Passkeys,” which they proudly describe as “the beginning of the end of the password.” This new authentication method aims to make signing in to applications, websites, and more a breeze, while enhancing and improving your online security.

In the digital age, passwords have long been a necessary evil. They are designed to prevent illegal access to our accounts and personal data. But as the number of online services we use increases, it gets more and more complicated to remember strong, unique passwords for every account. Reusing passwords or using ones that are simple and easy to guest are standard practices that seriously jeopardize security.

This problem has a refreshing solution with Google Passkeys. With this passwordless authentication solution, you may say goodbye to the hassle of remembering complex character combinations. Instead, you can quickly sign in using a screen lock on your smartphone, such as a fingerprint, face scan, or another.

Enhancing your online security is Google Passkeys’ primary objective. You become immune to numerous internet threats, including phishing attempts and hacking, by doing away with the necessity for passwords. Passwords are simple to steal or guess, but biometric authentication adds a degree of security that is difficult to replicate. Your accounts are more secure than ever with Google Passkeys.

Google Passkeys

This new authentication method is also better than the traditional two-factor authentication (2FA). Even though 2FA adds a layer of protection by requiring a second verification step, it is still vulnerable to some attacks. One-time verification codes, for instance, can be intercepted by hackers or made available by users to trick them into providing. Google Passkeys reduced the risk of such attacks by eliminating the need for physical security keys or codes.

Google will continue supporting passwords and two-factor authentication since they recognize that some users may still prefer these methods. However, this new method is gaining traction in the industry, given that major brands use passkey login, including WordPress, Nvidia, PayPal, Safari, eBay, Best Buy, and Best Buy.

How do you start using Google Passkeys, then? The process is simple to follow.

  1. First, open your browser and go to
  2. Use your password to sign in when prompted.
  3. You will be guided through the setup process, which involves logging in with your new passkey when you click “Use passkeys.”
  4. You can use a biometric sensor on a device, like a fingerprint scanner or a face unlock, to log in.
  5. Alternatively, you can choose your phone from the list of devices and use it if you use a smartphone without biometric sensors.
  6. Finally, click “Done,” and you can start logging in with passkeys.

It’s important to note that Google Passkeys’ accessibility depends based on your region and the devices you use. But as more companies and services use this authentication method, we may expect a wider spread of its adoption.

In conclusion, Google Passkeys are a significant step toward a future without passwords. This new authentication method has the potential to completely change the way we access internet services by providing a faster and more secure way to authenticate your Google accounts. It’s evident that the era of passwords is gradually coming to an end, thanks to the backing of well-known brands and Google’s dedication to online security. Welcome Google Passkeys for a safer and more convenient online experience.


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