Pi Network crypto app is back on Google Play Store

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The Pi Network app returned to the Playstore after its disappearance made headlines worldwide.

Recently, the news of the sudden disappearance of the Pi Network app from the Play Store spread quickly and made investors worry. On the dawn of December 21st, many members shared the concern that Pi Network suddenly disappeared from the Playstore, and then they conducted a test by searching “Pi network”, only Pi Browser is shown. The link is still on Google Search, but you get an error message “The requested URL was not found on the server” if you click it. No issues on the iOS App Store.


Users on Reddit observed that the icon is different. Check the discussion here.

pi network app is different according to reddit

Bang, admin of a group of Pi users, speculated that the project was about to enter the next phase, and thus the app was temporarily removed from Google Play.

“The Pi Network app is currently undergoing a regular review cycle and cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store. We hope to be back on the Play Store soon. To use this app now, you can download the APK from the link below. If you have an Apple device, you can download it from the iOS App Store, “ Pi Network announces on their home page.

The app developers said the tool, which rewards users with cryptocurrency by encouraging them to check in daily, is going through a regular review cycle and will no longer be available for download from Google Play. The app placed seventh in Vietnam among downloads on the Google Play Store last month.

pi network mine crypto with an app
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Playstore link:

What are your thoughts about the sudden disappearance and sudden return of Pi app to the Playstore? Join our discussion here.


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