The Ghost Stories of Starmall Alabang

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For more than two decades, Starmall Alabang, a popular shopping center in the southern part of Metro Manila, has been the source of spooky urban legends and ghost stories. While these tales might seem unbelievable, they remind us that sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction. In this eerie collection of ghost stories from Starmall Alabang, we’ll dive into some chilling encounters that have left many visitors feeling both amazed and a bit spooked. Is it just a coincidence that so many people have witnessed these otherworldly occurrences, or is there something deeper at play? What could happen if you come across one of these ghostly figures at Starmall Alabang? Could it bring good or bad luck? Let’s uncover the mysteries.


The Enigmatic Starmall Alabang

Starmall Alabang, previously known as Metropolis Star, was built in the 1990s on the grounds of the former Alabang Cemetery. It was constructed by Manuela Realty Development Corp., a company founded by Doña Manuela Aguilar Riguera, Sen. Manny Villar’s grandmother-in-law. This mall carries with it a history steeped in mystery. Over the past few decades, many have reported strange experiences inside and outside the massive structure. These eerie stories include sightings of strange figures, mysterious mists, and even accounts of cold hands touching shoppers. Now, let’s explore a few of the unsettling experiences people have shared.

Location before Starmall Alabang was built
Before Starmall Alabang was built. 📷 Reddit Philippines
starmall alabang aerial shot

Creepy Stories

Here are some creepy stories from the Starmall Alabang area.

1. An Encounter with the Cinema Ghost

Starmall Alabang Cinema
📷Mom's World of Arts and Happiness

One spine-chilling story revolves around a moviegoer who lived near Metropolis Mall and decided to watch a comedy movie for a school project. They opted for the “last full show” at Starmall Alabang. As they entered the dimly lit cinema, they expected a crowded theater, given the comedy’s popularity. However, when the lights came on after the movie, they were stunned to find only a handful of people, perhaps ten or fewer, sharing the space. This gave them an eerie feeling, and they hastily left, vowing never to watch a movie there again.


“im from alabang and lumaki ako malapit sa metropolis mall.. tama nga na dating sementeryo yung mall na yon.. meron akong friend na may weird experience doon.. meron kasi silang movie analysis na projects sa skul.. since na malapit lang sya sa metropolis mall dun na lang sya nagdecide na manood ng movie.. ang malupit pa doon ‘last full show’ sya nanood.. sya lang mag isa.. so pagdating nya sa movie hauz madilim na and nagsisimula na yung movie… yung pinanood nya ay isang comedy movie. syempre nakakatawa yung palabas and nung pumasok sya halos wala syang maupuan kasi tingin nya madaming tao… ang nakakakilabot sa lahat nung bumukas yung ilaw pagkatapos ng palabas… nagulat sya nung ilan lang pala silang nanonood, almost 10 or less lang sila.. Bigla syang kinilabutan kaya tumakbo sya pauwi… Mula noon di na sya nanood ng sine dun..”

2. The Vanishing Guests

alabang starmall security

A security guard added to the intrigue of Starmall Alabang with his story. Around 7 PM, he noticed ten well-dressed individuals entering the mall, almost like a wedding party. However, as the night went on and his shift came to an end, the ten guests never came out of the mall; they vanished without a trace. It’s an unsettling event that has left many questions unanswered.

“May isa pa akong friend na nagwork sa metropolis as a security guard.. So around 7pm meron daw pumasok na 10 guys na nakabarong, natawa nga sya kasi parang may kasal na dadaluhan yung mga manonood.. Eh, hanggang closing sya duty… Kinilabutan sya nung di lumabas yung 10 guys na nakabarong.. Bigla na lang daw nawala….”

3. Creepy Poolside Sensations

starmall alabang swimming pool

A group of friends embarked on a swimming adventure at Starmall Alabang, but their experience took a bizarre turn. After entering a dimly lit changing room, they felt an eerie atmosphere and strange sensations. However, they decided to go for their swim. As the day progressed, their bodies grew heavy, and some experienced discomfort. Upon leaving, they encountered a strange gathering of black birds and a woman with long hair, adding to the overall eerie feeling. The following day, one of them underwent a spiritual cleansing and discovered a disturbing revelation – they had been beneath the pool, surrounded by spirits. Needless to say, swimming at Starmall Alabang was no longer on their to-do list.

“Nag swimming kami ng mga friends ko sa starmall December 28, 2016 tandang tanda ko pa yan kasi ayan yung memorable moments namin e anyways, nagswimming kami dyan mga 1:30 ng hapon akala nga namin nun may event so ayun hindi na yata kami tutuloy nun pero tinanong namin yung guard then mamaya pa palang gabi ang event so bumili na kami ng ticket para makapasok kami dun. Pagkapasok namin pumunta kaming cr para magbihis pang swimming nung pumasok kami ng cr parang ang creepy madilim sya tapos bawat cubicle ang creepy hindi nalang namin pinansin yun kasi excited na kami mag swimming.

Pagkalabas namin ng cr dive agad sa pool saya says namin nun pero around 3:30 nakaramdam na ko ng bigat ng katawan tapos yung mga friend ko ay masakit na rin yung ulo hindi namin yun pinansin nag swimming ulit kami nung pagkaahon ko ang bigat talaga ng katawan ko (iam not fat) para bang may nakapasan sakin,sinabi ko na ang nararamdaman ko sa mga kaibigan ko around 4:50 umalis na kami hinang hina na ako nun pagkalabas namin ng mall andaming mga kulay itim na ibon bumungad samin ang creepy nga e kasi kumpulan sila at isa sa tapat ng starmall lang talaga sila nag kukumpulan Ewan ko kung ano bang ibig sabihin nun. Naka uwi na ako ng 9:00 ng gabi pagkadating ko sinermonan agad ako kasi di ako nagpaalam mag swimming HAHA paalam ko lang kasi mag mmall ako so ayun na nga kinabukasan pinatawas ako then ang lumabas ay nasa ilalim daw ako ng pool at may mga nakapaligid sakin mga buo at isang babaeng mahaba ang buhok pagkatapos nun hindi na ko pinag swimming dun. Isang linggo rin akong may sakit”-Hopiang Masarap

4. Ghosts that steal

starmall alabang ghost that steal

In addition to the ghost that vanishes in the cinema, there’s another peculiar phenomenon involving pickpocket ghosts that seem to steal items from store shelves. Visitors have also reported hearing strange noises and seeing objects move on their own, with no apparent explanation.

While malls are usually places of fun, shopping, and entertainment, Starmall Alabang has a darker side that emerges when the crowds thin out. Urban legends have swirled around this place for years, and stories of ghostly encounters continue to circulate. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, one thing is certain – Starmall Alabang holds more secrets than meet the eye, and it’s up to you to decide whether a visit here could indeed be a spine-tingling experience.

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