The Philippines Takes Center Stage in Detective Conan Movie 26: Black Iron Submarine

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In the newest Detective Conan film, the spotlight isn’t just on the thrilling story—it’s also on the Philippines. Detective Conan Movie 26: Black Iron Submarine brings us to Manila, specifically highlighting The Peninsula Manila Hotel at Ayala Avenue in Makati City, where a crucial part of the plot unfolds.

manila peninsula facade in detective conan 26 movie
Photo credits to Travel Thoughts PH
Makati City skyline in Detective conan 26 movie
Photo credits to Travel Thoughts PH

The story gets intriguing when Vermouth, an enigmatic character with shades of both hero and villain, lands in the Philippines and chooses The Peninsula Manila as her base. Her mission? To help Ai Haibara, a key character, who has been captured.


The Peninsula Manila Hotel, known for its luxury and prime spot in the city, becomes the stage for Vermouth’s secret plans. Its elegance adds depth to the story, setting the scene for Vermouth’s intricate strategy to rescue Haibara.

When Vermouth finds out about Haibara’s capture, she hatches a clever plan. She travels to different places, including the Philippines, and disguises herself as Sherry, Haibara’s former identity. This clever move is meant to confuse the organization holding Haibara captive by making them doubt whether she is the real Sherry or not.

vermouth in detective conan movie
Photo credits to Travel Thoughts PH

This twist in the story showcases the Philippines as a setting for suspenseful adventures, adding an exciting layer of deception to the plot. The Peninsula Manila Hotel becomes more than just a luxurious location; it becomes a crucial backdrop for these high-stakes maneuvers.

The inclusion of the Philippines in Detective Conan Movie 26 highlights the country’s ability to set the stage for captivating stories. Through its portrayal in the film, the Philippines becomes an exotic and lively setting, making the movie more appealing globally and allowing fans to experience the country’s charm within this thrilling detective tale.

As fans follow this latest Detective Conan movie, the Philippines’ role in Black Iron Submarine underscores the country’s ability to captivate audiences worldwide, adding an exciting chapter to the film and leaving viewers eagerly anticipating further adventures in this gripping storyline.

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