The Unforgettable Journey Down To The Mantangkob River: A True Story

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Mantangkob River, located in Paclolo, a part of Magsaysay in Occidental Mindoro, is a truly stunning place. It’s not just the river itself that’s breathtaking; the unique rock formations make it even more impressive. This spot is perfect for a weekend getaway or a fun family outing. Let me share my unforgettable experience here.


our group picture at mantangkob river signage
We took a raft on the Mantangkob River
We took a raft on the Mantangkob River.

Getting There

I had the chance to join my sister’s friends on a trip to Paclolo, Magsaysay. The drive took about 30 minutes from San Jose, and trust me, it was worth every minute. Mantangkob River is a beauty shrouded in mystery. When the sun shines on those rock formations, it’s like a magical sight. And the river, a serene shade of green, seemed to be taking a peaceful nap. It’s no wonder people from different cities come to see this place.

Walking in the river going to the Mantangkob

The Rock Formations

We visited in April when the weather was scorching hot. Luckily, we had plenty of daylight to enjoy the scenery. I was a bit underprepared, just wearing a shirt borrowed from my brother and a jacket I forgot to take back home. But those rock formations were mind-blowing! They were so tall that they looked like skyscrapers, making you feel tiny in comparison.

Mantangkob River and Rock Formation
Boat passing the Mantangkob River
A man passing through Mantangkob River
Picnic at Mantangkob River
Fish and hotdogs are cooked for late lunch.

An Unexpected Incident

As the day was winding down and we were getting ready to leave, something unexpected happened. We noticed a crowd of people all staring at a spot by the river. To our shock, there had been a drowning incident. It was a tense and somber moment as we watched the rescue efforts unfold. Sadly, it took a while to recover the child’s body due to the river’s depth. Later, we found out on the evening news that the child had an asthma attack.

People were crowding in and focused their gaze on a part of the Mantangkob River.
Report of drowned child in Mantangkob River
Courtesy of: OnLi in OkSi (Occ.Mindoro)

Conclusion: Lessons Learned

Sometimes, life throws unexpected challenges even in the most beautiful places. While we came for a joyful experience, we left with a valuable lesson about being vigilant and safe. Mantangkob River is undoubtedly a remarkable place, but it also reminds us of the importance of looking out for one another and being cautious in unfamiliar settings.

In summary, Mantangkob River is a place of natural wonder that’s well worth a visit. It offers both beauty and a sobering reminder of the importance of safety and care, especially when exploring the great outdoors.

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