Davao’s Night Market: The City’s Best Kept Secret

Davao City is fantastic. There’s something about the neon lighting, the sound of grilled fish or barbecues, the plethora of cheap clothes, and the strong whiff of fried food that makes you feel alive. But here’s the thing: There are always night markets, everywhere. Davao is home to one of the Philippines’ most famous night markets, but it’s not the only one.

The city’s best-kept secret

If you’re visiting Davao for the first time, chances are you might miss the one at Roxas Avenue. It is convincing to pass by it. But it would be best if you stopped by because here’s why: Being the only night market in Davao City is the city’s best-kept secret, where you can find those everything-you-need-for-a-night-out: from merchandise to barbecue stands. There was also a market with clothes, shoes, accessories, gifts/souvenirs, and an outdoor massage area.

Long strip of foods stalls

Why Davao's night market is worth a visit

Who doesn’t love a good night market? Davao’s Night Market is getting bigger and better every year! The place is a favorite hangout spot for many of the city’s inhabitants who love its affordable food and ambiance. You’ll experience the fun. You’ll never find yourself as a stranger to this place because it always feels like home, from the food to the people’s hospitality. Life is Here, indeed!

This can be seen upon arriving at the Davao City Airport

What’s the difference between Davao’s night market and the others?

Here’s my shortlist of what makes the place so unique: Davao’s night market is less chaotic and noisy than most other night markets. The market is small and less crowded. It is full of junk than most other night markets. It is the perfect spot to meet with friends. Davao’s night market is home to the yummiest dirty ice cream or charcoal ice cream. My favorite part about the market is that the vendors are already set up, which means an array of seafood is well-organized for you to choose from those stores. Food stalls, cheap finds, and Davao’s tastiest delicacies are in one place.

Mang Danny's Charcola Ice Cream


It is just across the street from Marco Polo, beside Ateneo de Davao University, and close to People’s Park Davao – the center of town so you won’t get lost.

Ateneo de Davao University


The Davao City night market is a city’s gift to its inhabitants. You have to check out the night market in Davao. It’s a great place to try the local street food and grab some souvenirs. Worth a visit!

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