Fly Again: Manila to Tuguegarao Flights Return on October 29, 2023 with Philippine Airlines!

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Hello everyone who loves to travel and has a spirit of adventure! The exciting time we’ve been looking forward to is here at last. Get ready to free up your calendars, get your suitcases packed, and get ready to fly because Philippine Airlines has some fantastic news. We’re incredibly excited to let you know that flights from Manila to Tuguegarao are making a comeback. Starting on October 29, 2023, you’ll have the wonderful opportunity to take to the skies and discover the enchanting city of Tuguegarao once more.

Back in the Skies: Manila to Tuguegarao Flights Are Here!

The excitement of traveling is something we all recognize, and Philippine Airlines is ensuring that you can relive that experience effortlessly. The flights from Manila to Tuguegarao are returning, reuniting these lively cities and giving travelers the chance to discover the wonderful beauty and appeal that Tuguegarao holds.

Your Gateway to Tuguegarao: The Flight Schedule

For those excited to start planning their getaway, here’s a sneak peek at the flight schedule:

  • Flight PR 2014 from Manila to Tuguegarao: You can catch this flight every day, departing from Manila at 9:05 am and landing in Tuguegarao at 10:10 am.
  • Flight PR 2015 from Tuguegarao to Manila: If you’re headed back, this flight departs from Tuguegarao at 10:50 am and arrives in Manila at 11:50 am.

These thoughtfully timed flights offer you the flexibility to choose the best time to set out on your adventure. Whether you love to kickstart your day bright and early or prefer a more relaxed beginning, Philippine Airlines has thought about it all.

A Rekindled Connection: Bringing Travel Dreams to Life

Photo by Kylle Pangan on Unsplash
Photo by Kylle Pangan on Unsplash

The revival of flights linking Manila and Tuguegarao holds a significance beyond just being a travel route; it acts as a bridge that brings dreams closer to reality. Whether you’re eager to discover the historical sites of Tuguegarao, savor its delicious food offerings, or deeply engage in its lively culture, this is your golden opportunity to do it all with ease.

Book Your Journey: Where to Secure Your Spot

Booking your flight with Philippine Airlines is incredibly easy! You have multiple options to choose from:

  1. Online: Simply go to and book your flight directly through their official website.
  2. Mobile App: Download the PAL mobile app to make bookings while you’re on the move. Playstore or Appstore
  3. Hotline: If you’d like personalized assistance, you can call the PAL hotline at (02) 8855 8888.
  4. Travel Agents: If you prefer the guidance of travel experts, accredited agents are available to help you with your booking.

A Glimpse into the Past: PAL's Legacy in Tuguegarao

It’s worth mentioning that Philippine Airlines (PAL) used to offer flights to Tuguegarao from October 2014 to June 2019. Bringing back these flights isn’t just about reopening a route; it’s about bringing back a tradition of connecting people and enabling exploration, continuing a legacy that was temporarily paused.

Embrace the Skies Anew

As we get ready to embrace the excitement of exploring once more, keep in mind that every journey has the potential for amazing discoveries. The return of flights from Manila to Tuguegarao by Philippine Airlines is like an open invitation to reconnect with new possibilities, to rediscover familiar places, and to create fresh memories in a city that’s eager to greet you.

Whether you’re someone who’s traveled a lot or if this is your very first time on a plane, now’s the moment to grab hold of the chance to start an adventure that begins in the skies and concludes with unforgettable moments. Go ahead, book your flight, pack up your enthusiasm, and prepare to uncover Tuguegarao’s wonders with the help of Philippine Airlines. Your journey is about to begin!

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