How to Use the LTO SMS-Based Service to Check a Vehicle Plate Number in the Philippines

Last updated on December 1st, 2023 at 02:02 pm

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If you own a car in the Philippines, you may have needed to verify the authenticity of your license plate number or the license plate of another car. By providing an SMS-based service that lets you verify the details of any car registered with the LTO database, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has simplified this process. This blog post will walk you through the steps involved in using the LTO’s text messaging service to check a vehicle plate number and explain the advantages of doing so.

Step 1: Create a new text message on your phone.

Create a new text message on your phone as the initial step in using the LTO text messaging service to validate a vehicle’s license plate number.

Step 2: Send a text message to 2600.

Send a text message to 2600 with the text “LTO VEHICLE” and the license plate number of the vehicle you want to check. Each text message has a P2.50 PHP cost.

Ex.: LTO VEHICLE LTO1234 and send it to 2600

Step 3: Wait for a response from the LTO

The LTO will respond to your message in seconds or couple of minutes. You will be given information about the vehicle’s make and model, year of manufacture, most current date of registration, and whether the car has ever been apprehended or has an alarm. The text will only contain the phrases “No LTO Apprehension” and “No LTO Alarm” if the car has a apprehension record.

The LTO SMS-based service does not provide any information regarding the owner of the vehicle.

Additional information about the service includes the body color of the vehicle, which can be specified if it has a uniform color, but for vehicles with custom, multi-color appearances, the message may just say “not stated.” Typical cars, motorcycles, and public transportation vehicles like multi cabs are all covered by the LTO database.

The convenience of being able to check a vehicle’s information anywhere, at any time, is one of the advantages of using the LTO SMS-based service. It can also be helpful when buying a used car because you don’t want to be duped into paying for a stolen vehicle or when you see a suspicious-looking vehicles parked there. Another way to stop criminal activity involving the use of stolen vehicles is to confirm via SMS message that the car is not stolen or that there are no records of the driver being apprehended.

It is important to note that the LTO does not offer a publicly accessible online service for the general public to utilize when looking up vehicle details using license plate numbers. Be wary of deceptive websites that assert to have public access to private information. You can sign up at if you own a vehicle and want to use any of the LTO’s services.

As a result, anyone who wants to verify the legitimacy of a vehicle’s license plate number can benefit from the LTO SMS-based service. You may quickly get important information about any registered car in the LTO database by following to the easy steps described in this blog article. Never forget to put traffic safety first by abiding by the law and making sure your car is properly registered with the LTO.

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