Siargao’s Iconic ‘Coconut Bent Tree’ Falls

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In recent years, visitors have been flocking to the little island of Siargao, which is part of the Philippines’ Surigao del Norte province. Siargao has won the hearts of numerous tourists from all over the world because to its stunning beaches, top-notch surf spots, and laid-back island atmosphere. Sadly, the Coconut Bent Tree, one of the island’s most recognizable icons, just passed away, and both locals and tourists are mourning its loss.

On the island of Siargao, the Coconut Bent Tree was a well-liked tourist destination recognized for its distinctive form and setting. It was thought that a strong typhoon that struck the island many years ago was to blame for the tree’s 90-degree bend. The tree had come to represent Siargao’s fortitude in the face of hardship, and many tourists would snap pictures and selfies with it to remember their journey.

After its discovery on the Maasin River in 2017, the palm tree swing in Siargao has become a viral phenomenon on Instagram.

Although the loss of the Coconut Bent Tree is certainly unfortunate, many people on Siargao remain optimistic. The tree’s remains are still present on the island, and its story continues to be shared by locals with visitors. In addition, the tree was a source of pride for Siargao residents – a symbol of both resilience and strength

In conclusion, the death of Siargao’s Coconut Bent Tree is a reminder that our natural world is fragile and that preserving our cultural landmarks is important. The loss of the tree is undoubtedly a loss for Siargao Island, but it also provides an opportunity for the community to come together to celebrate the tree’s legacy and work to create a new landmark that will continue to inspire visitors and locals alike..


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