Solano Hills: A Restful Retreat Outside of the City

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The Solano Hills residences offer a country lifestyle with a lodge-style that features a nice interior and incredible views from the deck. With modern amenities, this is the perfect place for a holistic way of life. Provides the perfect atmosphere to rest, relax and recharge.

View from the terrace.

It features a garden, private pool and garden views.

private pool of solano hills

Solana Condominium, which is well-equipped with amenities like an electric shower, microwave, fridge, and internet connectivity. Offers great service and it’s affordable as well. The condo unit was clean and spacious and the facilities were good. It is highly recommended for those who are looking for a nice place to stay.

interior design of solano hills
solano hills has a spacious rooms

There are nearby The Grocer store and Milkteas Shop where you can buy food but expect the price to be expensive.

milktea shop near solano hills
milktea shop near solano hills

Solano Hills Sucat is a condo located along Villongco Road at Southbay in the beautiful city of Muntinlupa.

We had a staycation where we spent 24 hours at the Solano Hills  Condominium. Cooked and played cards together for a lot of fun and laughs.


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