Suhot Cave & Spring Resort: A Hidden Gem Of Dumalag

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Dumalag is a municipality in the province of Capiz. It is a small town that is home to a lot of natural tourist spots and historical sites. There are a lot of things to do in Dumalag. But one of the most popular and frequented by tourists is Suhot Cave and Spring Resort. Many people come to Suhot because it is known as a hidden gem of Dumalag. This blog post will talk about the history of Suhot Cave and Spring Resort and why it is a hidden gem.

A hidden gem of Dumalag

Located in Barangay Dolores, Dumalag, Capiz, a new nature site is less than a 30-45 minutes drive (35 kilometers) from Roxas City. While the cave is known for its stalactites and stalagmites, there’s much more to it than that. If you’re considering a quick getaway, this is the perfect place to visit. You can spend the day exploring the cave. Swim on a spring-fed swimming pool that is rich in minerals originated from the watersheds of Pangin-raon. Or stay overnight at the resort. It is founded by Ricardo Castro, a former Mayor who planned Suhot Cave being developed as an eco-tourism site.

What to expect

Arch Entrance / Courtesy of:

You and your friends will arrive at the cave arch entrance (which is along the highway). From there, take a tricycle to Suhot Springs. There are small sari-sari stores on the gates of the resort for your enjoyment. Cave guides are provided by the Suhot Spring & Resort whereas safety gear such as flashlights and helmets. This will cost P100. According to the receptionist, they are visited by many visitors during weekends and holidays. So if you want a quiet ambience, you might probably want to go on during the weekdays. Dumalagnons say that deeper inside the cave, where few men have set foot. Stalactites and stalagmites shaped through the years are like human figures in varying stages of growth. Since it is a cave, I cannot answer how deep it is (eagle eye readers please help) but the cave stretches 18 kilometres.

Suhot Cave and Spring Resort - Cave Entrance Stalagmites

How to get there

Getting to Suhot Cave and Springs from Roxas City: From the Roxas City Terminal, there are regularly passing jeeps bound directly for Dumalag and you can tell the driver to drop you off at the arch entrance of Suhot Cave (which is along the highway). Alternatively, you could take buses on their way to Iloilo City that passes every thirty to forty-five minutes and get off at Dumalag.

Suhot Cave Highlights

The incredible and unique natural environment of nature is full of creative richness that sets it apart from other tourist places in Capiz. A place that is perfect for a weekend escape. A place for adventure lovers. A spring flows into a subterranean passage, which ends up in a cave opening, guarded by a wall of solid rock. The picturesque atmosphere surrounding the stream only added to its beauty. Famous for its natural beauty and even famous for the natural spring rich in minerals, it is an incredible and extraordinary place.

Suhot Spring Resort

It is one of the most interesting and mysterious places to visit! Suhot Spring Resort is a natural spring resort with a spring-fed swimming pool in which you can swim and lounge. If you want to experience a different kind of holiday from the usual, head to Dumalag, a municipal town of Capiz, Western Visayas! Here, you can get a chance to visit the cave that for many, these tales are so enticing encouraging brave explorers to engage in the mystery and wonder that only Suhot Cave can offer.

Things to Do

It is a natural wonder that you must visit. There are several rooms that you can rent and stay in. Suhot Cave and Spring Resort has the amenities like cottages and has a stunning angel wings art backdrop for a selfie.

Angel Wings Art Backdrop


Suhot Cave and Spring Resort offer a glimpse into the past, present, and future of the region, and your presence there contributes to the story.

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