SunRise Farm and Resort: A True Oasis of Tranquility

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SunRise Farm and Resort is a family-owned and operated resort situated near the Aplaya Beach of Lumintao. Nestled in a clearing, surrounded by farm, with the most impressive views of the sunset. It offers guests a stunning view and is surrounded by nothing but vegetable and rice fields which makes it safe and quiet.

This picture was taken after 6pm. Look how call it is and comparable to Boracay Sunset.

SunRise Farm and Resort

Once you get to the resort, you will see the tall coconuts and notice the sea behind them. If you are more adventurous, you can also take the opportunity to go for a walk in that beautiful scenery. The resort is a one-of-a-kind destination for those who want to experience a tranquil getaway in a natural setting. It is the perfect place to unwind and to have a very memorable vacation. In total, the resort boasts two swimming pools for kids and adults, including a store and an open-air function hall, and several cottages.

Our experience at SunRise Farm and Resort

We’ve been there three times for different occasions (New Year of 2021, Birthday at getting Together). The farm is fantastic as it is only 5 minutes away from New Dagupan and just 45 minutes away if you’re coming from San Jose. Since there’s a sea nearby, every person could enjoy fresh fish and vegetables. I had my first swim, and I knew it had to be one of the best I had ever had in Rizal so far.

Complimentary Activities

Birthday Celebrations, Couples Dates, Singles Dates, Ladies Night Out Weekend Getaways, Walk by the sea. If you want to go there on a weekday, it’s advisable to go before 8:00 am. Otherwise, visit around 6:00 pm to enjoy the sunset. If you can, try to book an appointment as early as you can for a reservation. (Contact details are provided below).


House for rent is still ongoing for construction (Will update this blog, though, or you can contact them for inquiries).

Price and Location


  • Cottage: P500.
  • Entrance Fee – P40.00.
  • Function Hall – P800.00.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0950649249
  • Facebook Page: 
  • Address: Lumintao, Malawaan, Rizal, Occidental Mindoro


SunRise Farm and Resorts’ natural setting is so breathtaking that one can feel the special connection with nature and the sea. It is also a very significant way to experience a farm-style of living. It is truly a resort of tranquility. Lumintao is known for vegetables. Visitors will surely be amazed by the people, who are friendly and welcoming but always let their time be their own.

DISCLAIMER: The rates, contact details, and other information provided in this post were accurate at the time of writing. However, please note that they are subject to change without prior notice from LDL Travel Stories. If you have access to updated information, kindly reach out to us via Facebook.


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