The Unforgettable Journey Down To The Mantangkob River: A True Story

Mantangkob River

Mantangkob River is a beautiful place in Paclolo, Municipality of Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro. Aside from the breathtaking river, you will be even more amazed at its claimed Rock Formations. Perfect for a weekend getaway and family bonding. But, I will tell you about my unforgettable experience in this place.

our group picture at mantangkob river signage
We took a raft on the Mantangkob River
We took a raft on the Mantangkob River.

The journey down to the Mantangkob River

I was able to join my sister’s colleagues on a trip to Paclolo, Magsaysay. The drive took almost 30 minutes from San Jose and was worth the wait. The place is so beautiful and mysterious! The sun reflecting off the rock formations is a breathtaking sight. The green river that looked like it was sleeping was cool to watch. Amazingly, so many people come from different cities to see this place!

Walking in the river going to the Mantangkob

The Rock Formations

April is the month where the weather is very hot. And I am so glad to have seen the pictures from that month as the sun stayed up even longer than usual. That was the time I was able to get to the place before I returned to Manila. All I had with me was a shirt I borrowed from my brother, a jacket which I forgot to take home and left there. Anyways, the Rock Formations are amazing because they are so tall that it looks like a building. You will lookup.

Mantangkob River and Rock Formation
Boat passing the Mantangkob River
A man passing through Mantangkob River
Picnic at Mantangkob River
Fish and hotdogs are cooked for late lunch.

The Unforgettable in Mantangkob River

It was afternoon, and we had to get ready to go home. We wondered why so many people were crowding in and focused their gaze on the part of the river. To my surprise, someone drowned in that part of the river. Suddenly everyone was shocked by what happened. It took a long time to rescue the child because the river was deep. According to the person I spoke to, the child had an Asthma attack. Everyone who could help worked together, and unfortunately, the child’s body recovered lifeless. And in the evening it was reported on TV.

People were crowding in and focused their gaze on a part of the Mantangkob River.
Report of drowned child in Mantangkob River
Courtesy of: OnLi in OkSi (Occ.Mindoro)


There are things that you do not expect to happen. You will go to a happy place and take home the beautiful memories of the place. They are sometimes gathering a lesson. Thus, the care and guidance of the elder are needed to be safe from harm. However, Mantangkob River is a good place to visit.

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