Why You Should Visit The Ruins Of Alcatraz

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Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than this naturally weathered exterior next to the beach? If not, you should visit the Ruins of Alcatraz. It’s like a cinematic location for your next movie scene or even a prenup for creative minds.

The history of Ruins of Alcatraz

Based on my research, remnants are the remaining structures of the resort that was supposed to be built by the Bermejo family. The typhoon came, and with it went the building that looked like this before this storm. Unfortunately, it was unfinished and abandoned. It is sometimes referred to as Alcatraz or the Ruins of Alcatraz due to its resemblance to the infamous abandoned island jail in San Francisco Bay in the United States. The place is breathtaking, with its weathered natural aesthetic. It’s like a gift from the gods, and it’s just by the beach.

Island Jail in San Franciso Bay, USA / Courtesy of
Ruins of Alcatraz in Roxas City, Capiz / Courtesy of

The natural beauty of Ruins of Alcatraz

Lose yourself in the verdant beauty of Capiz’s hidden wonder as it reminds you of an old-time long forgotten. A fortress that is strongly built and still, somehow, maintained its old-world glory. It should be a resort in Roxas City, which is located at Brgy. Culasi, Sitio Nipa.

What to do in Ruins of Alcatraz

Well, since you will be binging movies, you are bound to want to see one on Alcatraz. The best thing is you can walk up to it. The best thing about Ruins of Alcatraz is that you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Baybay Beach once you get there. The place is perfect for photo opportunists like me. I can’t believe I got to be one of the characters on this location! I mean, it was perfect! Plus, there were boulders everywhere, and they made it all the more realistic! The Ruins are stunning and very original. It could be a cinematic location for a movie scene or even a photoshoot for creative minds.

View of Baybay Beach Shoreline from Ruins


Please bring plenty of water, wear a cap and apply sunblock because it’s an open and scorching hot area. The edge is excellent and breathtaking, so if you have the courage, you can walk to it, but be careful because you might fall to the ground.


Some places have such charisma, and I want to find out more. With that in mind, read up and visit them. You will be astounded by what you discover, especially if you know what to look out for something great!


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