What is an airplane runway excursion?

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A runway excursion occurs when an airplane leaves the runway while taking off or landing. These accidents often occur at takeoff, but they can also happen while landing. An accident of this kind can cause extensive damage to the airplane and result in serious injuries to the passengers and crew on board. It’s important to understand what runway excursions are, why they occur, and how they can be prevented. Here’s what you need to know about airplane runway excursions.


What happens in a Runway Excursion Accident

During a runway excursion accident, a plane tries to take off or land at an airport but skids on its landing gear or its nosewheel (undercarriage) and veers off of it. Most often, these incidents occur after take-off when pilots lose control of their airplanes during takeoff; but they can also happen during landings.

How to Avoid Runway Excursions

Whenever a plane gets off of a runway, it’s considered to have been involved in a runway excursion. Runway excursions are dangerous for all parties involved: pilots, ground crew and those who may be on or near the runways when these incidents occur. Though such accidents rarely result in fatalities (most occur at small airports with shorter runways), they can still lead to serious injury or death.

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Examples of Runway Excursions

Runway excursions are one of several ways that airplanes can make accidents or mistakes. They often result in no injuries to passengers and crew, but can cause a lot of damage to aircrafts and surrounding areas. Below are some real-life examples of airplane runway excursions that have happened recently. A Cebu Pacific flight from Naga to Manila experienced a slight runway excursion upon landing in the Naia earlier this morning. All passengers have successfully exited the plane and are safe, according to reports.

Runway Excursions have happened before

Runway excursions are rare events, but they have happened before. In fact, pilots and air traffic controllers share videos of these incidents to review safety procedures with trainees. The most recent incident occurred in Texas in August 2017 when a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 ran off a taxiway and into a grassy area after landing from Nashville. Luckily there were no injuries or damage to property as a result of what was called an uncommanded turn at low speed during landing.

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